Best of The Bunker!


Best of the Bunker!

20 scenarios from Dispatches From The Bunker issues. All with beautiful new graphics from Broken Ground Design. If you have the "works" from Dispatches From the Bunker, then you do own these scenarios, but not looking like this. They are all in one place, look great and include all known errata.

40.00 USD

For those with some Dispatches volumes, but not others and are unsure if they already have the scenarios, they are:

DB057 The Bloody Torokina Perimeter (PTO)

DB065 Shock At Kamenewo (Russian Front)

DB067 Let’s Dance (Western Front 44)

DB080 Task Force to Cotignac (Western Front 44)

DB084 Pot Of Stew (Eastern Front, Kursk)

DB088 No rest For The Weary (East Front 45)

DB093 Thunder From Heaven (Western Front 44 glider/airdrop)

DB097 Hold The Brickworks (Italy, 43)

DB099 The Gin Drinkers Line (PTO 41)

DB100 The Gateway (Western Front 45)

DB116 Takin Eibertingen (Western Front 45)

DB118 Teeth Of the Wolf (Iraq 41)

DB122 Prescription For The Kommissar (RB map 42 East Front)

DB124 Death On The Eismeer Strasse (East Front 44)

DB129 Silencing Sinzig (West Front 45)

DB135 The Krinkelterwald (West Front Bulge 44)

DB140 Beasts At Baruth (East Front Fall of Berlin Campaign 45)

DB141 Gut Punch (East Front Fall of Berlin Campaign 45)

DB143 Fausts At Wethen (West Front 45)

DB158 A Stalinesque Christmas (RO map, 42 East Front)

Our designers were:

James Brackin
Andy Clarke
Joseph Gochinski
Andrew Hershey
Stephen Johns
Michael Klautky
Adam Lunney
Tom Morin
Jeffrey D Myers
Vic Provost
Michael J. Puccio
Ted Wilcox

Finally a preview of some of the new artwork on the left, vs the old on the right.