Yankee ASL is a Third Party Publisher that networks with gamers from all over the world to develop and deliver their packs for sale cooperating with Advancing Fire. Carl Nogueira is Yankee ASL's prime developer, but we work in coordination with many play-testers and proofreaders and graphic design artists from the ASL community to put together an excellent product for our consumers. All our products are PDF and where applicable contain printable PDF HASL maps, never hard copy. People can feel free to leave the packs in their computer or laptop or print them out at their leisure. We will include VASL capable maps with all products that include a HASL map. This means international customers get top notch ASL products without having to pay for any shipping or customs. A huge plus, and all customers get a reasonable price as there is no printer to pay, just the main contributors to each pack.

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We are proud to present:

Nor'easter XX Pack

Nor'easter XX Pack II (LFT website)

Best of the Bunker!


Under Construction:

The Steve Johns Pack Who? You might have seen some of his work. Third RTR in The Rain for instance. Also many excellent scenarios for Dispatches From The Bunker. A 12 scenario pack of Steve's usual excellent, quick play designs is in the offing, with one HASL map for one of the scenarios. This pack spans WW2 and is under development.

The Madagascar Pack by Robert "Kedge" Johnson. We have been working on this 14 scenario, two HASL map offering on the invasion of Madagascar. 

The Brothers In Blue Pack by Adam Lunney and Dale Drake. Twelve scenarios from Australian and New Zealand Police Officers Adam and Dale. This scenario pack will also span the globe.

Steve Swann HASL Pack Two HASLs with two HASL maps, scenarios and CG's. Designed originally as geo map scenarios but developed into HASL map CG's on the battles of Paulus between Hungarian and Rumanian Forces in September of 1944 and the fighting around Leuwiliang Bridge in Java between Australian and Japanese forces in March of 1942.

The Ted Wilcox 1945 Pack A dozen scenario pack by Ted Wilcox, our favorite Maine designer focusing on the last year of WW2. 

There are several others in various stages of development, which will be listed here as they become available.